Switch to semi private with our proven method

Receive custom 1 on 1 coaching to ensure the systems of your business are built for profitability, scalability, and focuses on owner benefit, all around the Semi Private Training model.

Owning a fitness business can be hard

Face it, we’ve all been there at one point or another…

Wondering how to get ahead. Are you confident that your business is built for the challenges of today… Let alone what lies ahead? Owning a fitness business is a lot more than providing great workouts for your clients. It’s imperative that you have the right systems in place, and it’s even better when utilizing the “sweet spot” of training – Semi Private!

Why switching to Semi Private works

Whether you’re looking to transition your business to Semi Private Training, layer it in as a new service, or if you’ve been doing Semi Private Training, but lack clarity and the ability to scale, we can help.

With our Switch To Semi Private Program you can expect:

Deliver better results for clients while making 2-3x more that you used to.
Be known for consistently providing an enjoyable experience and superior results.
Your coaches’ schedules to stay full, even though competing fitness businesses are failing all around you.
Your clients staying much longer than they used to.
Comfortably be able to pay your coaches while attracting the best talent in your market.
Confidently grow your business, knowing that you have an advantage that other fit pros haven’t figured out yet.

This method is battle tested

I’m not just another coach, I’m also in the trenches alongside you. As the proud owner of Pulse Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ, I’ve owned and operated my facility for the past 12 years, successfully growing it beyond the 7 figure mark while working in the business less than 5 hours each week!

Utilizing the same Foundation 5 Method that’s taken my business to where it is today, I’m now helping gym owners do the same.

The Switch to Semi Private program includes

Decade in a day kick off call

Your first call will be with Tim as he learns and dissects your business from top to bottom. Asking you specific questions about your model, staff, financials, services, and facility. From there he will determine the gaps and holes, set goals to reach for and create a plan of action to work on for the duration of the Switch to Semi Private Coaching Program.

Private coaching calls each week

Speak with both your coaches (Tim and Randy) each week as they coach you through this transition and on to the business of your dreams.

8 week Foundation 5 Method Course

Over these 8 Weeks, you’ll learn from each of the following areas:
Mindset, Attraction, Conversion, Delivery, and Ascension.

Customized coaching experience

While we know what systems are imperative, no two businesses are the same. This program will provide you with a unique CUSTOM coaching experience tailored to your exact needs. Need help with staffing plans or job descriptions? Need to launch a marketing strategy to attract Semi Private Training Clients? Need to revise your pricing strategy? Need to create new programming for your coaches to follow? Once we determine the areas of focus, any/all of these (and much more) can and will be delivered in our custom coaching experience.

Quick response times

Have questions between your weekly calls? No problem, action is big with us and in order to ensure your moving forward, you’ll receive 24 hour access to your coaches through Voxer! Send us a message, and we will respond as quickly as 1 hour with the answers you need.

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